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Digital lock with automatic opening.

  •     Supply: 4 AA batteries
  •     Possible opening by:
    •         Card
    •         Code
    •         false code
    •         O through Z-Wave module
  •     It supplied with:
    •         2 words
    •         4 proximity cards
    •         4 AA batteries
    •         Z-Wave module 1 (optional)
  •     Warranty 24 months

This electronic lock is perfectly integrated into the Home Center 2 Fibaro and their status (with bolt lying or not).

But the management of the pin and aperture cards can only be done using the keyboard lock, Home Center software 2 does not allow this option.

The lock has a sensor status with internally know if the door is closed or open, but this is not shown through the user interface of the Home Center 2.
He who knows the lock status makes when it is actuated by keyboard, do not take the lock if it is open. When acting by card or through Home Center 2 could bolt without problem.

This functionality, which lock knows if the door is closed or not, you can use to configure, for example, that the bolt is always close or lock off when the door is closed.

As additional security measures, has a button that would override the external panel (eg at night) and has the functionality of opening fake Pin, if anyone was watching (arbitrary numbers + actual pin, or the reverse, pin Real + arbitrary numbers).

Another characteristic of this lock is that antipanic, unlocks the latch handle by pressing from the inside.

It also has voice commands with which indicates what happens, and has an opening emergency when you run out of batteries, in this case could be opened by a key or a 9V battery.


Primary Controller Compatibility
1 eeDomus+
Fibaro Home Center 2 v4.160 Compatible (Open / Close) No Codes Management
Fibaro Home Center Lite v v.4.160 Compatible (Open / Close) No Codes Management
Vera Edge / Plus / Secure
Piper / Piper NV (v.1.7.1)
Z-Wave.me / Z-Way / PoPP Hub
Tech Data
51 FLiRS
51 Power Supply
52 Attachable Loads
53 Explorer Frames - NWI Support
54 SDK
56 Device Type
57 Peper1 Database link
58 Z-Wave Alliance Product Link
90 Incluison
91 Exclusion
92 Factory Reset
93 Wake Up

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