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The Z-Wave 3 in 1 sensor is designed with three detection sensors:

1. Water/ Flood

2. Temperature

3. Humidity

The detector can be used as a security device or home automation device. When the detector is cooperated with security appliances, the detector is acting as a security device by detecting flood, e.g. next to a leaking washing machine. Additionally high temperature and humidity detection can be defined as trigger for alarm signals

Technical Details:

  • Protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Frequency: 868.40 MHz
  • Battery operated: CR123A lithium battery
  • Range: Minimum 40 meters indoors, 100 meters outdoors.
  • Operating Temperature: -10C degrees ~ 40C degrees; indoor use only


Primary Controller Compatibility
1 eeDomus+ not tested
Fibaro Home Center 2 v4.160 partly compatible/unsecure only
Fibaro Home Center Lite v v.4.160 partly compatible/unsecure only
Vera Edge / Plus / Secure fully compatible
Zipabox/Zipaminicro/ZipaTile fully compatible
Piper / Piper NV (v.1.7.1) not tested
Indigo not tested
jeedom not tested / Z-Way / PoPP Hub fully compatible
Domoticz not tested
OpenHAB not tested
ZiHome not tested
Somfy Tahoma not tested
Home Assistant not tested
Telldus not tested
Tech Data
50 IP Rating IP20
51 FLiRS CR123A lithium battery
51 Power Supply CR123A lithium battery
53 Explorer Frames - NWI Support Yes
54 SDK 6.51.06
55 App Version SD3502
56 Device Type Notification Sensor
58 Z-Wave Alliance Product Link
S2 Security Frame no
90 Incluison The device have auto inclusion function, if the device not add into Z-Wave network, after power up, it will into the auto inclusion (NWI) mode. In this mode, let the Z-Wave™ Controller entered inclusion mode, the device will added. The NWI mode will timeout in 30 seconds. After that you can pressing the tamper key three times within 1.5 seconds to manual inclusion with Z-Wave controller. After inclusion successful, the device will awake to receive the setting command from Z-Wave™ Controller about 20 seconds.
91 Exclusion 1. Have Z-Wave™ Controller entered exclusion mode. 2. Pressing tamper key three times within 1.5 seconds to enter the exclusion mode. Node ID has been excluded.
92 Factory Reset Notice: Use this procedure only in the event that the primary controller is lost or otherwise inoperable. 1. Pressing tamper key four times within 1.5 seconds and do not release the tamper key in the 4th pressed, and the LED will light ON. 2. After 3 seconds the LED will turn OFF, after that within 2 seconds, release the tamper key. If successful, the LED will light ON one second. Otherwise, the LED will flash once. 3. IDs are excluded and all settings will reset to factory default.
93 Wake Up When the device power on, the device will wake about 20 seconds. In this duration, the controller can communicate with the device. Normally the device is always sleeping to save the battery energy.

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