Power Supply LEDs Strip 12V, Power 75W


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This power supply is designed specifically for LED, can be used for LED strips or LED luminaires operating at 12V. It has a short circuit protection and thermal overload detection (blinks in this case).

It is connected on one side to 230V, and the other LED strips or LED luminaires operating at 12V.

The choice of power supply is very simple. Energy consumption is indicated in the specifications of the products connected. Use a power exceeding the supply.

For LED strips, simply multiply the length you want (you need strips are cut) by the power meter to obtain the minimum power required. Choose a power supply equal to or greater than has been calculated.

Note: The power supplies are designed for use in a secure environment (for example: locked cabinet). You may touch elements at 230V with a metal rod inserted into the power supply, so avoid placing them in base cabinets accessible by children.


  •  Power supply 12V
  •  75W maximum power
  •  Indoor use
  •  Thermal protection against short circuits
  •  Overload Detection
  •  Use for LED lighting strips or 12VDC
  •  Use in an inaccessible environment 


  •  Type: Power supply
  •  Input: 230V Alternative
  •  Output: 12V (+ or - 0.5 V) DC
  •  Output Power: 75W
  •  Output current: 6,25A
  •  Connection: Terminal (in / out)
  •  Waterproof: IP33 indoor use
  •  Dimensions: 110mm x 78mm x 35mm
  •  Weight: 450 g
  •  Standards: CE / Rohs
  •  Warranty: 2 years

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