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Welcome,the connected camera that recognizes faces!

Welcome is a camera for the home that recognizes faces. When a face, such as their children or their parents,it Welcome send your name directly to your smartphonerecognizes.So you will know when your loved ones are back home. To help better protect your home, you also receive a notice when a stranger is detected.

Welcome draw people from the name

with its revolutionary facial recognition technology Wellcome recognizestheir children when they go on camera.

He informed when their loved ones come

Welcome send the names of people identified their smartphone. You will be notified whenreturn their children or their parents. The camera also alerts you whendetects an unknown. The application allows youcheck that they are at home, access to live video and see past events.

Designed to respect the privacy

Customize privacy settings: You can disable video recording or notifications, for example for your child or for the person who shares your life. Itprotect your data: Videos and identification data are kept completely private thanks to its local storage on the SD card Wellcome. A screenshot of each case is filed in the cloud for free.


Wellcomeis quick and easy to set: place the camera at home, facing the door, connect and download the application. Identify their relatives with one click. That's it ! No subscription or additional fees required.

CHAMBER exceptional, with a minimalist design

- Highresolution images: Wellcome is a high resolution camera capable of capturing images of the highest quality, regardless of the brightness.

- WIDE FIELD OF VISION: Its wide field of view of 130 ° provides a panoramic coverage.

- An excellent night visioninfrared lamp Powerful offers excellent night vision.

- CUSTOM REGISTRATION: The camera shoots continuously to detect events. It records and saves movies in which something happens.

- ALUMINIUM MONOBLOC: compact and elegant, Wellcome fits perfectly into any interior.


- A Wellcome camera

- USB cable

- An AC adapter

- micro SD card 8G


  • The camera is connected with a revolutionary facial recognition technology

  • Free access to videos from your smarphone or computer

  • Protect local storage on the card microSD (included), no storage costs

  • high resolution images 1080p

  • field of view to 130 °,

  • highpowered night vision

  • elegant design, anodized aluminum coating

  • application available on the App Store and Google Play



  • Materials and

    • design: aluminum monobloc piece.

    • Infrared transparent plastic material.

    • indoor use.

  • Camera:

    • video capture: 4 MP

    • Resolution: up1920x1080

  • data storage: microSD card up32GB (microSD 8GB card included Class 10)

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone and iPad: iOS 8 minimum.

    • Android 4.3 minimum.

    • Supported browsers: Webapp available for the last two versions: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

  • Specifications Connection:

    • RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

    • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 g)

  • Dimensions: 45x45x155 mm

  • Certificates: FCC and CE




Software Compatibility
IFTTT Channel available Yes

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