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The Danalock lock is a new solution that will allow you to protect the interior of your home intelligently and reliably. Without the key, opening the lock using your tablet or smartphone.

You may allow your guests generating invitations to such persons. Thereby controlling effectively access to your home

Various settings let you control access to your home. Danalock has an automatic lock that allows automatic locking of the front door. Ideal when you do not have your hands free, for example. In addition, five keys are provided. You can use them from the outside.

Installation is simple and quick to perform, no matter the type of door. The corresponding application is compatible with iPhone 4S, Android 4.4 and Smartphone.

 Danalock not require external power supply. Power is supplied with a battery life of two years. You will receive an acoustic signal if the state of charge of the battery  too low


Easy to configure

The Danalock is an intelligent lock that mounts on almost any door in minute

Easy to install

Danalock install the application on your phone in seconds. A wizard guides you through

installation and calibration of your Danalock.

Easy to use

Lock and unlock the button, the TwistAssist function or using your smartphone. And with the auto-deverrrouillage, Danalock lock the door automatically opens when you approach your home and so close autoamtica.

Long battery life.

The Danalock has an average battery life of up to one year, and do not require external power. Note that the use of a box of home automation controller or Z-Wave can shorten the life of the battery. The battery status is easily visible in the App. When the battery reaches 30, 20, 15 and 10 percent, a notification via SMS and e-mail is sent.

Limited or permanent access.

No need to hide the key under the mat. Give your family a quick and easy access to their smartphones. In her maid or guests, limited in time or recurring access and receive notifications when they used and by whom the lock.

Full control of the house.

Develop control your smart home with a Danalock, the perfect primer for all orders at home. The Danalock works seamlessly with other devices in the smart home, and all communication has an advanced-encryption lock nobody can hack your house.

Discreet, durable and Danes

Danalock combines elegance and minimalism of Scandinavian design - with solid anodized aluminum bezel and Z-Wave Bluetooth and advanced technologies. A Danish design built to last.


  • Lock connected.
  • 4 cylinders of different lengths are provided for gateways: 30/40 mm, 30/45 mm and 30/60 mm and inner door: 30/30 mm.
  • Five hard keys are provided for opening the door from the outside.
  • Connection via Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave.
  • Integration into the compatible drivers Z-Wave (eedomus, Vera, ...)
  • Historical activities.
  • Configuration options for closing and opening.
  • Sharing Access: enable access to his housekeeper or a friend for a limited period.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Easy to install.
  • Battery operation.
  • Compatible with iOS (iPhone 4S or later), but for Android (4.4).


  • Power supply: 4 batteries 3V CR123.
  • Material: solid anodized aluminum.
  • Communication: Bluetooth and Z-Wave.
  • Dimensions: 79 mm x (diameter x height) 49 mm.

Danalock v2 manual installation.

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